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Our Story

Keep Calm and Love Cats with the Everything Cat Shop! The Internet is Full of Funny Cat Pictures and we have Cat Toys, Lasers, Catnip, Groomers and more for your furry friend. A new kind of Cat Lovers Store focused on helping you bond with your indoor cat and providing you the best accessories and apparel Not Available in Stores that scream: I love cats!

I found a six month old kitten in a dumpster behind some apartments. I had just left a restaurant with a bag of leftovers full of delicious meat and was on the way back to my car. She meowed at me when I walked by. I'm a strange person, so I said, "Hi, Kitty." She stayed away from my friends(who also had food) and meowed at me in return. I gave her some food and she let me pet her.

My car was parked pretty far from the restaurant cause it's New York and there's no parking anywhere, and so I said goodbye and started walking away. I was a dog person and had no interest in a cat. I looked back and there she was. Just sat and stared at me. I stared back, so she walked up to me and rubbed on my legs. I pet her some more and carried on. My car was almost a mile from the restaurant, and every time I looked back... there she was.

I got to my car, but so did she. I opened the passenger car and said, "you wanna come with?"

Apparently she did because she climbed right in. Now I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CATS!

Her name is Jade and she's my spirit animal. My familiar. I can never go back to dogs now!

Since our inception in August of 2018 we have progressed with the goal to provide quality toys for the owner of the house: Your Cat. Our furry companions have needs in the same manner that we do, and our varied selection of toys and accessories take care of those needs while making your life even easier than loving those cute little toe-beans!

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We love kitty cats

and they lounge lounge lounge

and they purr purr purr


We sell kitty toys!